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Heritage Restaurant 2014 / 15



2 Lorong Chulia,10200, George Town

04-2614 786

11am - 2.30pm & 5pm - 8.30pm (closed on alternate Mondays)


A long time favourite with the locals, this cosy little cornershop retains its authentic charm with minimal decor, colonial style kopitiam tables and chairs, even the lack of air-conditioners is hardly ever faulted with. But what keeps patrons returning generation after generation has to be the authentic Hainanese menu (don't expect a printed version as staff are happy to oblige with enquiries and suggestions). The Hainanese Chicken/Pork Chop tops the list of reccomendations with specilaities including Curry Gulai Tumis (best enjoyed with beehoon), Kerabu Prawns and Salted Veg with Duck Soup.  

Heritage Restaurant 2014 / 15


92, Lebuh Campbell, 10200, George Town

04-2614 672

6am - 3pm (closed on Tues)


Tho Yuen draws the breakfast crowd in hordes thanks to their delectable dim sum selection which even landed them a spot on the popular foodie program Ho Chak. Their hand-made egg tarts are addictive thanks to their flaky crust and firm custard middle. Go early to grab a table and wait for the dim sum trolley to arrive with its mouth-watering Lo Mai Gai (choice of glutinous rice), dumplings, savoury cakes, steamed buns and deep fried snacks.  

Heritage Restaurant 2014 / 15


59-A, Lebuh Kimberley, 10100 George Town

04-2615 811

5pm - 9:30pm (closed on alternate Mondays)


Well over 50 years old, this Teochew restaurant remains a steamboat specialist even sticking to the traditional metal pot with a long chimney in the middle to release the charcoal fumes. For the uninitiated, the steamboat comes in package sets with choice of add-ons. The clear chicken broth base is boiled to perfection and served piping hot with chicken pieces, fried fish, Chinese cabbage, meat balls, quail eggs and mushrooms to dip in.  

Heritage Restaurant 2014 / 15


156 & 164A, Lebuh Campbell, George Town

04-2621 076

11am - 11pm (closed on Fri)


As the oldest restaurant in Penang (it was opened in 1907), Hameediyah has stood the test of time and taste. Whether you crave South Indian curry dishes, tandoori sets or the simple variety of a nasi kandar, this place will not disappoint. Curries are thick and puguent but not overwhelming, meats cooked till tender and packed with flavour, whilst the biryani rice remains a must-try dish. Not to be missed is the pancake murtabak - minced chicken or beef and onions wrapped in an egg pocket.

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