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A2 Gallery

category: Art & Collection (Pulau Tikus)

This gallery was established on 2007 by Alfred and Jeff, who are artists themselves. The gallery is located at Bangkok Lane in Penang and is known to be one of the most accessible galleries here due to its close proximity with the major tourists’ attractions of the island as well as from the main commercial areas too. The gallery features many local, regional and international artists where their works are constantly being showcased here. The gallery flashes quality artwork and nice ambience for art shows, exhibitions and openings.

Colonial Penang Museum

category: Museum (Pulau Tikus)

Experience the lifestyle of British Administrators and wealthy merchants in Colonial Penang Museum and travel back to Penang’s colonial past to explore the interesting history.

Dark Mansion - 3D Glow In The Dark Museum

category: Museum (George Town)

The Dark Mansion, located at the center of George Town Penang, is the first and only 3D Glow in the Dark Museum in Malaysia. Taking one step beyond the existing 3D art painting techniques, Dark Mansion presents a new dimension of 3D art by incorporating the amazing glow-in-the-dark effect into the 3D paintings and artworks.

Galeri Seni Mutiara

category: Art & History (George Town)

Relocated to The CEO (Bayan Lepas) from Lebuh Armenian, the Gallery aims to encourage, develop and foster interests in art and inculcate an appreciation and understanding by organizing art activities, exhibitions, talks and forums.

My Natural Crystal Gallery

category: Art & History (George Town)

Located at the 3rd floor in Penang Times Square, the Gallery features over 1,000 exquisite calcite crystals and is one of the largest private natural crystal collections in Asia.

One East Museum

category: Art & History / Culture & Religion (George Town)

Opened in 2011, One East Museum is the first Chinese house-museum of missing jigsaw pieces Culture. The Museum showcases the works of award-winning Asian Contemporary artist Ch’ng Huck Theng and his artefacts collection from the Chinese Culture Revolution for 27 years.

Penang State Art Gallery

category: Art & History / Culture & Religion (George Town)

Established in 1821, it houses national and state treasures that include a collection of Baba Nyonya porcelain, furniture, jewellery and costumes as well as eight oil paintings by Captain Robert Smith.

Penang State Museum

category: Art & History (George Town)

Located along Jalan Farquhar in Georgetown, this museum is reputed to be one of the best state museums in the country. The Penang State Museum provides visitors a glimpse at the various ethnic groups that came to Penang in the late 18th Century, and showcases a fine collection of old photographs, maps, historical documents, Chinese furniture, embroidery, costumes and other historical relics. From time to time, special exhibitions are held here.

Penang Trick Art Museum 

category: Art & History (Georgetown)

The museum brings you to a great journey through various scenes in Penang with outstanding perspective murals and life-size figures protrude from the walls.

Penang War Museum

category: Art & History (Batu Maung)

Penang War Museum in Bukit Batu Maung was a fort built by the British in the 1930s. In 1941 it gained fame when it became the site where the battle for Penang against the invading Japanese army was lost. These days it is a museum open to the public and is billed as Southeast Asia’s largest war museum.

PG Gold Museum

category: Art & History / Culture & Religion (George Town)

The Museum is the first gold museum in Malaysia, showcasing a collection of gold and silver from across the world that has been artistically crafted into myriads of designs. The journey at the museum allows you to learn and understand about gold via exhibitions, demos and guided tours. 

Teddyville Museum

category: Museum (Batu Ferringhi)

Cute, cuddly and adorable - words everyone associates with teddy bears, this museum is specially curated to represent Penang’s history, cultures and modern-day tales throught teddy bear exhibitions. 

The Camera Museum

category: Art & History (George Town)

Be inspired by the captivating stories of how cameras have transcended human history since the 1500s and let’s discover the fascinating vintage cameras from all around the globe.

The Owl Museum

category: Art & History (Ayer Itam)

Set 800m above sea-level, the Museum housed over 1,000 rare and exotic, owl-inspired artefacts created by artist across the globe are waiting for you to discover them.

Wonderfood Museum

category: Art & Museum (George Town)

This museum is almost good enough to eat with its larger-than-life food replicas; so a visit is sure to get your tummy growling.

Yahong Art Gallery

category: Art & History / Culture & Religion (Batu Ferringhi)

Situated at Batu Ferringhi, Yahong Art Gallery is home to Malaysia’s Father of Batik Painting, Chuah Thean Teng.

The Gallery displays works of the batik master and his two artists’ son as well as works by Malaysian and Asian artists.

29 The Gallery

category: Art & Collection (George Town)

Located in the heart of George Town's UNESCO World Heritage zone, 29 The Gallery is a beautifully restored shop house turned gallery, run by Malaysian artist, Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson.  Rebecca's vision is a gallery where artists of all backgrounds have the opportunity to come together to present their work.  Rebecca Duckett’s gallery shows off her modern yet traditionally inspired art in colourful splashes. There is also a good selection of books on local topics, and vintage items and crafts on offer.

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